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How you can lose weight quickly

Of course you want to get rid of that extra weight as quickly as possible, this is a logical feeling. And of course it is also quite possible to lose weight quickly. It is important that you know that losing weight quickly is not healthy and can also lead to the yo-yo effect. The yo-yo…

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Breast formation in men

Excessive breast development in boys or men is called ‘gynecomastia’ in medical jargon. By disturbing the balance between the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone, breast gland tissue will grow on one or both sides. The cause differs per age group. In newborns, adolescents and men over 50 years of age, it is…

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11 Tips To Lose 5 Pounds Within A Week

You want to lose 5 kilos quickly? If you have lived unhealthy for a while, you typically lose the first kilos rapidly if you make little changes. With these ideas you will rapidly lose a kilo in a week! To work! 1. Change beverages Your daily beverages usually consist of more calories than you would…

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