Naturally straighten your beard with a beard release

There is still a permanent solution to straighten your curly beard; relaxation cream for your beard. A beard relaxer does not damage your beard, because it has been developed to strengthen the beard while it also ensures that the beard grows healthier.

This product only affects the old growth of your beard. Your beard will thus continue to grow curly. When this happens after a few months, you should only apply the beard release to the new growth to make this right. Do not re-apply it to the old growth, as this will remain the right.

The only drawback of a beard release is that you have to combine it with a straightener to achieve results.

This is how you apply your beard release in a few steps:

Wash the beard with beard shampoo.
Use disposable gloves to divide your facial hair into small areas and apply the beard release to each part of the beard, while avoiding it on the skin.
Use the beard comb to spread it over your beard.
After half an hour, rinse the beard release from your beard, but do not use shampoo.
Dry the beard with a hair dryer, but do not use a towel, otherwise you will remove the cream.
Use a flat iron after your beard is dry to get the curls out.
Once you’re done, you can use beard shampoo to wash the beard off your beard, but repeat this process three times.
After you’ve done that, apply a beard conditioner and leave it in the beard for 30 minutes. Rinse it after this time and dry your beard with a towel.

This way you can straighten your beard with chemicals
There are several products available that make your hair straight. These products use harsh chemicals that can burn on the skin and should only be applied by a professional.

The skin on your face is very sensitive and can easily be damaged. Rough chemicals and sensitive skin do not mix well. If you decide to straighten your hair with chemicals, then you should look for a reputable professional who has experience with this, do not do this yourself at home.